Welcome to Hungama World's realm of adventure and run that's unmatched and thrilling.

With over 10 amusement rides, Hungama World is built with a focus on giving you and your kids an experience of a lifetime. We have rides and attractions to engage kids but also for your friends and family who will have a fun time visiting us. We ensure in our amusement park your family gets world-class entertainment in a safe environment.


Best Amusement Rides For You

Pick from the range of fun rides to enjoy for family and friends.

frog  ride

Jumping Frog

Visit Hungama World, Patna to participate in a charming hopping experience with our beloved jumping frog ride. The thrill and excitement of this ride is the centre of attraction of young kids. The bouncy ride will remind adults of the memory of their childhood frog race experience. Do not miss the chance to have an amazing experience on our jumping frog.

columbus ride

Soar up the waves with the Columbus

Kids are always on the look for an antique ship riding experience that gives them the thrill of riding the waves of a waging ocean. The Columbus ride in our amusement park truly captures the sensation of riding the boat in the ocean.


Choo Choo With the Baby Train

Have kids who are crazy about trains? Bring them to the Hungama World Amusement Park for a baby train ride. Your kids will love the experience of riding our toy train that will take them to the land of amusement, fun and laughter.


Feel the Adrenaline rush with Bungee jumping

Are you an extreme sports lover who seeks the opportunity to experience the adrenaline rush? Then come to Hungama World for an amazing bungee jumping experience that will leave you asking for more. Don’t wait for having an amazing time, book now.

bull ride

Experience the beast with the Bull ride

Are you up to challenge the raging bull and ride his back up to the finish line? Our bull ride is meant for those who are willing to tame the beast and claim the glory. Hurry up your moment is waiting.


Experience the aerial view with Ropeway

Nothing amazes our visitors more than a majestic aerial view of the Hungama World theme park. Built to add excitement to your visit to the park, the rope away ride is a must experience one.


Smack it down! Striking car


Driving experience for all ages, the striking car ride in Hungama World amusement park is the most asked for ride for teenagers and adults of all ages. You get to live the experience of smashing cars you see in movies in reality with this ride. Sheer driving and smashing fun for all!


Twist and Turn with the Roller Coaster


Teenager or an adult, everyone visiting an amusement park looks for the roller coaster ride very first. This is why Hungama World offers you an experience of a lifetime with its thrilling roller coaster ride. Are you ready for some fun, book now!


Swing Chair


We are the most celebrated Amusement Park in Patna for a reason. The Hungama World has one of the most thrilling rides, the swing chair. Experience the rush of blood going up and down, making your heart pound faster with this ride.

Entertainment Never Stops @ Hungama World